Poetry 0.9

Storms of the year

White crisp clear and froze.
Time stands perfectly dark in the stillness
Fresh powder cools the worlds burns
Pause the water flow from weeping to scar.

Dryness, colour, fragrance, and anew.
The world spins to life to extend the light
Babies due to test the strength
Are they worthy of the chance given?

Sweltering, blinding, heat and burning.
So hot distant eyes only see in waves wobble
Skin redden blister peel pain
Leaf and bark feast gluttonous in preparation.

Damp, cool, heavy and releaving.
A large breath a sigh water washes away fire
Floods to drowning muggy dullness
Leaves fall dorment to out sleep the freeze.


Xperia 3.2

The heat in UK is a problem. For me. My face is irritated sensitive and sore from heat rash so I’m not going outside until it goes away… Or I have to go to my job.

Anyway I did another part of this story. Again its just on the spot writing on my phone. I don’t know what is going to happen.


“Don’t mock me”, Arellia snapped. She spun on her heels to stride away with a straight back. But Alasdair grabbed her by the elbow.
“I’m serious, please I can help you with this”, he pleaded. She didn’t turn to face him.
“Why? I don’t understand why you would do that, to add to that you realise your duty as a guardian would be to-…”.
“I would never force myself onto you”, he interrupted her. His words sounded like they should have been comforting. Somewhere deep down she thought there was a flutter of hope. But she refused to allow herself such a luxury.
“How could I possibly know that? Are you not forcing yourself onto me now?”, her voice was colder than she originally intended. Should she apologise? She was about to turn until she felt him release her arm. “I’ll be fine, go and enjoy your life, forget about me”, she softened her voice. It was not her intention to wound his feelings, but she couldn’t face fate with him as one of her judges. When he said nothing she straightened her back and walked away. Her dress and heels helped the elegance of her walk hide the shame she felt.
Arellia spent the rest of the week catching up on affairs across the city. Her focus was to assure that all lived comfortably. She snuck out on a regular basis in a disguise to see first hand what was needed and to make sure her plans were working. On the last day that she was allowed to select a guardian candidate, Charles approached her.
“Please don’t sneak out, this is your last chance to select a guardian… I would much rather not force this upon you”, he sounded defeated. Everyone in the Palace who knew her had ran out of comforting things to say, then stopped speaking entirely. Instead they would just look at her as if she was a beloved pet that was about to die. Charles was the only one left speaking to her.
“I still have other duties to attend to before I…”.
“Stop surrendering to fate!”, Charles snapped. His voice raised loud enough the whole city probably heard him.
“You think I haven’t fought this!?”, Arellia felt herself wince at his loudness and automatically retaliated.
“No! I don’t, the whole Palace can see it! You’ve reserved yourself to your death!”, he threw back at her. Everyone had been so careful not to mention her future directly. It stung worse than she thought it would. “Get your most elegant outfit on, and choose a guardian, NOW”, he uttered the last word like Arellia wouldn’t understand it. He stormed out of the library and screamed at Cara to get her ready.
Which she did in minutes Arellia was leaving her room following the young maid to the courtyard. Her body decorated in the most beautiful royal blue silk and satin laced dress Arellia had ever seen. It reached the floor and dragged behind her with a drape of material that hung and parted from the centre of her chest, over her arms and reattached at the back where it glided down to the floor adding to her dress tail.
Her heels to match clicked against the floor. They seemed louder than normal but Arellia knew it was because not one person spoke as they passed her. It was like she had forbade any social interaction, even though she hadn’t.
They arrived at the courtyard, the candidates waiting with their heads bowed. One caught her eye at the end, a sneaking suspicion.
“OK Charles, I’m ready, please proceed”, Arellia watched Alasdair lift his head with the other candidates and begin the trials.

Poetry 0.8

Trapped obligations

Responsibilities pile, support is needed,
Avoided and hidden behind random visits.
Entitlements undeserved, yet clawed at like vultures.
Sinking razor teeth into financial flesh because of age order.
Bloodlines only value next of kin never work or effort.
Pull back the public curtains the indoor illusions spill from the edges.
Secrets of a solitary truth.

Poetry 0.7


I have been distracted this week, but hopefully I can get things back on track.



I see it there in your eyes,
That pin-point knife threat at my throat
– do I dare speak? –
A cruel list of things to be completed,
What kind of person am I? Do I fit the desired design?
– I’m not a sculpture – I can’t be anyone else –
One false move and I’m the worst in the world.
Your whimsical dream of the perfect being. A robot with no variation in thought, programmed just how you like.
Expectations are a cruelty accepted everywhere.

Blind date with a book 1

I saw a friend on her Instagram try out something called blind date with a book.

It’s meant to be a project “Don’t judge a book by its cover” kind of thing. I foolishly don’t know much about it. But I liked the idea of a surprise book. So, I tested it out and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The vintage girl by Hester Browne

First thing I’m going to say is… I literally all out squealed while reading this book. In a good way.

This is a romance book, about a girl who daydreams romance until she realises the real thing is stood in front of her, but there are little obstacles in the way.

If you’re into war raging adventures and super hero sacrifices, then this probably won’t be for you. As nothing actually really happens apart from development of feelings and secrets revealed. That sort of thing. But if you’re into your romances… People pick this book up!

I know I wouldn’t have picked it up in a normal store. Which I am starting to realise is a terrible shame. It was beautifully written, and the story progressed quite nicely. The pace wasn’t heart wrenchingly slow, but the romance wasn’t so instant that you turn back a couple of pages in case you missed it.

When I first started reading it, I was sceptical, my average book I pick up is fantasy (the world is at war aaaahh!) magic, and sword fighting. So, I was unsure if I’d enjoy it. The first thing I thought was “She’s very naivĂ« about the artifacts she collected”, but I carried on. She soon grew on me, as we all have things we day dream about, so what was the harm? It is later revealed why she feels the need to romanticise so much, and you also start to notice the closeness developing between the two main characters.

Well when that moment came when he freely gave her hints to his feelings that he probably was unsure of himself, at the time, made me physically squeal in delight and shake the book in the air. Luckily I was alone, when I reached this moment. I don’t think I could have held it in even if I wanted to.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I look forward to the next one.

Five out of five stars.

Poetry 0.6

Only half

Only ever notice half
Opinions are made, judgements confirmed.
The bigger picture is never reached.
Only ever see half
Laid out an obvious thought manipulator.
Think one way the same as everyone.
Only ever hear half
Emotional attachments are carved on a side.
These vs them in a combat.
Only ever speak half
Empowerment of a divine half that cries loudest.
The true enlighten goal will never be accomplished.
To only ever be half of anything never brings the whole together.

Xperia 3.1

Arellia gave a sigh, she had been home a month and had seen at least one hundred men as potential guardian candidates. She was in the courtyard, watching the last group for the month when Alasdair found her.
He had been requesting an audience for a long time. Since they had arrived in Xperia actually. She had just decided to avoid him.
He stormed up to her, leaving Cara his little guide behind. She tried to run to catch up but he got to Arellia first with no announcement. Arellia looked at him unmoving while the candidates all paused in their performance.
“Why am I being avoided?”, he slammed at her. Charles looked as though he would step in. But Arellia couldn’t think of a good excuse as to why she was dodging him at every turn. Or she had until now. He stared her out it was like a game of chicken. Who was going to answer first?
It was almost like everyone had held their breath, one small exhale and the atmosphere would explode to disaster. That wasn’t true Arellia knew that as well as the fact she knew that he deserved an explanation. She sighed. Her eyes turned to the candidates who all panic started back into their trials.
“I really can’t give you an explanation”, was all she could give him. Her shoulders felt tight. She had watched the same routine over again and they all made the same error that she couldn’t allow as her guardian. “Charles this is foolish, they are all the same, and I am having to repeat myself, no more trials, there is no need for a guardian the war was clearly over”, she sighed firmly then turned away to head back into the castle walls.
“Wait are you even going to listen to me?”, Alasdair was either blind or ignoring her mood for the day. He followed close behind her. He snagged on the tail of her dress more than once. “Your majesty wait!”.
“No, I will not, I am not in the mood this morning to discuss anything that happened out there am I clear?”, she snapped. She turned on him on the last trip up on her tail. He stumbled forward holding his hands up in surrender.
“It is something I think we should discuss”, he lowered his voice so only the two of them could hear. As far as she could sense no one else had been foolish enough to follow them while she was irritated.
“I don’t need to discuss anything with you, your little girlfriend has already called me out on my collaboration with the shadows that ate her extremities! I definitely do not need to hear it from you!”, she cursed herself as her voice crumpled at the last words. People had started calling for an early ritual to rid the city of the evil. The orphans had told the city a sob story of how she had sent them out there to die… They then added that she had been caught out when she accidentally ended up out there herself. She swiftly turned on her heels to leave but Alasdair snatched at her arm and turned her.
He was still just as handsome clean as he was dirty, and she knew that he had joined the training ranks of the armed forces so his body lost none of its solidness. Actually… She thought he felt harder than before less skeletal and broad. Arellia did everything in her power to stop her own bodies betrayal.
“I know the truth, don’t doubt that I don’t stand with them when it comes to you”, he hissed. His lips twitched like he was going to move in closer to her. His eyes darting about her face.
“Oh please, you don’t know me, the briefest meetings we’ve had resulted in me running or facing a shadow, we haven’t exactly spoken”, she threw back. Arellia fought her own urge to move in to him.
“Then speak to me”, his voice softened and his face looked pained. “I want to know you”. He bit out like they were the hardest words he had ever had to speak. Arellia felt her heart jolt and her bottom lip quivered.
“Wha…”, she choked on her own emotions. Arellia cleared her throat and tried again. “What would be the point, I am due a guardian, one to provide me a daughter and then I will be killed to provide another generation of security for the city”, she slowly pulled her arm free. “They are voting to accelerate the process”.
“How can they accelerate it?”, he focused on her, his breathing picking up pace. She felt it over her face like a tease of how close he was.
“If a guardian is not selected by the end of the week the council will gather and select one for me”, she heard the sharp intake of breath. His body still like a statue as every muscle squeezed. His eyes were cast down while his thoughts processed the news.
“Select me”, he said lifting his eyes to lock her in place.