Day 2 – yoga + Off the pole

This should have been posted last night but my body is in agony. I was training with a couple of my colleagues and the injury in my leg has inflamed and it’s now difficult to lift my leg.

However, last night I did another yoga video KinoYoga video –

And it near killed me. Pigeon pose was painful. And training to keep my mind clear while lying on my back with my legs held straight up in the air.

Obviously this isn’t because these videos aren’t any good, but my body currently very damaged. Yes before anyone asks I have phoned a sports therapist he is seeing me on Monday.

But again KinoYoga is brilliant, she was very detailed and very clear in her instructions. I highly recommend her YouTube channel. If you can afford it, she does many online programs on something called omstar.

Another thing I did yesterday was some off the pole workouts before my training session.

Off the pole is a brand and program owned and run by a pole celebrity called Sarah Scott. She is amazing. But she offers these programs to enable us to keep our bodies healthy to pole train more.

Since I can’t always just train on the pole for hours and hours on end this is a way for me to train my body and keep me in a shape that will be able to keep pole training.

I didn’t feel so bad after twenty glute focus Hip extensions. And my injury didn’t flare until after the training I did on Hoop. This also does mean that I won’t see any results until later on.

But it is a really program, she goes through bad form, how many reps, what sort of progression you should be ideally looking at.

There will be another post tonight as this should have been posted last night. (whoops) What have I done today?


Day 1 – Beginners Yoga

I’m a little late starting this. But I don’t care I am starting it now.

After training, or after I have instructed a class my body feels very tight. Most specifically my back. The obvious reason why is because I do not stretch enough. My flexibility is shockingly bad for someone who has done aerial for three years.

The worst part about this is that I have regressed since my last stretch photo was taken. I haven’t taken one today. I won’t take one of me yet because I have an injury I need to have seen to first. But, because I am poor, I stopped attending the stretch and Flex Classes that the pole and aerial business I work for offers, which means my flexibility has just grown worse.

So, today after training for roughly an hour. I decided to do some yoga. This will be something that I will add to my day, and make it a daily thing. However, because I am poor I can’t go to a official class. Instead I am following an amazing yogi called KinoYoga on YouTube. (On most, if not all social media as well).

This is the video I have followed on YouTube. She is amazing. Constant key points for the positions in things that you want your body to focus on. Like pointed feet or flexed feet, or what muscle should be engaged, or relaxed. Which is good since I can’t have an instructor present with me when I practise.

Of course, she is a spiritual yogi as well. This part I am not really all the interested in. That isn’t a criticism, just a point for anyone wanting to try out her videos that sometimes when you’re in a pose, and your body is screaming “RELEASE ME” she does start talking about letting spirituality set you free.

I started on video one, and I have to say I’m not feeling that after training tightness anymore around my back area. I do feel oddly better for the yoga session. Right now I can’t test if there has been any improvement as the body just doesn’t work that way. I’m not expecting miracles. But I do think that this is going to help in my progression towards my flexibility goals anyway.

KinoYoga for anyone interested. She is on Facebook, and Instagram. Her videos on YouTube are really helpful, and for someone like me (Every penny saved is a god send) who can’t afford to go to a class in a studio, is well worth giving it a try.

Small rant… Stop judging Disney princesses.

I don’t do this… But I’m going to do it now because I am starting to think people are clearly watching different movies.

I’ve literally no more than a second ago read an article about how Kiera Knightly has banned Cinderella for her daughter…

And the reason – it sends the wrong message to young girls – Cinderella waits for a man to save her? And she said quoting from this article “Don’t do that! Save yourself”.

Can I just start with has she been watching the same film as me? And if so are we sure? Is she blind? Does she really have a leg to stand on? I mean, come on, not to sound horrible but I have seen her films, wrong message to children she is incredibly skinny. Like not slim. Skinny. And she is counted as a role model of beauty.

But that is not part of my rant. So, I’ll move on.

Cinderella is about a woman who dreams of a better life than what she is currently stuck with. The BIG defining message is hold on to your dreams don’t let them go no matter how impossible they seem. Yes, her dream, as an example is fairly simple. But in those times women didn’t really have the rights to many things. Actually women’s rights are still a relatively new thing. That holdes for around the world. CAN I ALSO POINT OUT! she is not saved by the man she is saved by the god-mother? Just because she happens to meet the Prince and he is relatively useless to what happens to the story. Cinderella is a woman in a bad situation that dreams of a better life. The message always hold on to those dreams even if they seem impossible!

That is a good message. Especially for a lot of children in this day and age. So, for godsake all you Disney princess haters, get off your idiocy and women power high horse for one second please and actually look at the picture!

Kiera Knightly, not that you’ll ever read this but you’re not the only princess judging imbecile. Emma Watson is a good example who turned down the role of Cinderella because of roughly the same reason. And refused to wear a corset in that butchery of the beauty and the beast film – even though! Back in that time it was part of the fashion! And women now in the modern world enjoy wearing them! So, all you’ve done is massively insult the group that like corsets!

THANK YOU – Rant over.

Beginning of Self-improvement.

Aims :-


– To eventually publish something!

– To read more regularly

Pole Fitness

– Improve my flexibility

– Improve my dynamic movement

– Compete and perform at more shows.


– Help Bandits clicky knees

– Find out what Lunas bold spot is.

OK, some of you may remember I posted a while ago about a 365 day challenge for myself? It doesn’t really matter if you don’t, it wasn’t a great post anyway.

But I have decided to adjust this challenge to myself. A saying that the juice plus company use – one simple change – got me thinking.

I have aims and goals to work towards and because I haven’t really been all that focused at the moment due the rest of me being a completely unorganised mess.

So my new method in my ever continuing madness. Everyday for the next 365 days. I am going to add something everyday and then try and continue to do it and see the changes…

Obviously some things can’t be easily measured, so I still need to work some of that out. But I will be taking a picture everyday and posting every day.

I am a bit of a psycho that gets frustrated when something interrupts things that I planned on doing at specific times in the day. With hope because I have promised myself a daily update that I will keep up with everything I want to do working around unpredictable interruptions.

In the morning it commences.

Poetry 5.0

The same.

We are all the same
Nose, eyes, voice, body, hair
The skin holds our organs in
We are all the same
Minds with thoughts
Sometimes good sometimes bad
We are all the sa-…
No, we are not the same.
We are all capable of good thoughts
Great ideas, monumental inspirations, moral aspirations,
We are all capable of bad thoughts
Cruel plans, sinister schemes, moral revenge,
We all have moments when we think these things.
But some act upon those cruel thoughts. Some of us do not.
That is what separates us.
That’s why – we are not the same.

Xperia 6.9

The walk wasn’t as graceful as Arellia normally felt. Her skirts were no longer just hem deep in mud there were rips and mud splatters up the bodice from the amount of times she had lost her footing. Grazes at the bottom of her palms, and grass stains were her knees land. Even a tree had decided to make her adventure less glamorous by dropping a leaf into her eye.
She didn’t cry out when the dried crisp whacked her in the eye. She just sighed, and held a hand to her face trying to blink out whatever it had left in there.
She had paranoid visions of insects crawling out and prayed that it was just illusions of an over-active imagination.
She trudged on, feeling foolish to have come out into the forest by herself on purpose. If she was to go back now, without anything to show for it, what would everyone think? Would they care?
A snap shot through the heavy silence.
It made her heart sink to her stomach. She held her surprise in a gasp. Night had clawed over head so she couldn’t see much in the distance. Shadows from the moon were her only source of light. And she couldn’t sense any movements.
She let her heart calm before carrying on her way. Sensitive to suspicion, her ears tried to listen out for any sound. But the less she found the more she could only hear her heart beat increase.
She hadn’t noticed that she had stopped walking. There was no movement around her, no sounds, nothing seemed alive except for her…
A cold shiver crawled down her back.
It set her off into a run. Dashing further into the forest. She kept running until she saw a clearing. She held a hand out to the last tree. Skin made contact with bark and she stopped to look out. Almost like the frightening lifeless forest was her shelter. From the edge of the cliff that she was staring at.