Xperia 6.5

One of the medical scientists finally came out. He was a dark toned man, but even from a distance Arellia could see the stress marks on his face. The darkening rings under his eyes.
“We fixed his brain, so he’s responsive and back to normal, all of his organs are functioning and fine”, he announced. Arellia breathed a sigh her hands coming up to cover her face.
“His recovery is not complete, we need still need to fix his bones”, he said. Bones that’s fine, he was going to live which was the main thing. “I was asked to inform you that you can come and see him we thought his body might need to rest for a minute, but he will be returning to surgery very soon”, he added. To see him? Will he be awake? Arellia silently nodded her head and the man guided her to him.
He was lying in a hospital bed with tubes sticking out of every vein you could find. He was bruised all over. Arellia winced.
“Hey”, he rasped.
“Hello”, Arellia went around to the side of his bed that had the least amount of machinery. She dared not touch him.
“I think we need to rethink our strategy”, Alasdair smiled.
“Well, yes clearly, let’s not have this happen again”, Arellia half laughed. Tears started falling down her face.
“If I wasn’t broken all over right now I’d stop those tears”, he dropped the laugh, but his smile was there.
“what did you expect? You frightened me”, she replied. There RĂ©union however, was short lived.
“He shouldn’t expect anything from a typical evil bitch who did this to him”, It was Moyra. She was wheeled in by a couple of the children.


Poetry 4.4

Sensitive people

I’ve observed a person,
And have the unfortune of interacting with her
At first she comes across as nice
A little different but nice
Then she gets comfortable and things start to come up
Snipe comments about weight
Jokes about sexuality that aren’t funny
Sniggering laughs at someone else’s slight misfooting,
People who had for sympathetic reasons drawn themselves to her
Were now looking for any excuse to be away from her
She claims to gave been bullied,
But every word she speaks is harmful
She cries when she thinks people are looking at her,
But she is nasty to everyone else around her
Sensitive person? Broken? Damaged?
Cruel? Hurtful? Mindlessly vicious?

Xperia 6.4

Alasdair was taken to the medical science facility. Arellia had only been allowed to follow because of her status. They do have a hospital for the public, but that would have meant more travelling.
They took him to be full body scanned and the results made Arellia cringe. A couple of broken and fractured ribs, shattered shoulder blades, cracked skull, definite concussion if not brain damage and snapped collar bones.
“Damn, that’s going to take a lot of work”, the leading medical scientist said. She was a slender, and tall woman that had introduced herself as ‘Maaria’ while Alasdair was in the scan. “Your highness he’s going to need some of our experimental treatments, do we have your permission?”, She said her dark eyes locked with Arellia’s. This was when her heart sank deepest, she had not known fear until this point. She didn’t really have time to truly think about it.
“Yes, I want him recovered back to his usual self”, her voice sounded calmer than she truly felt.
Alasdair was taken away, out of her sight. Her worrying thoughts made her heart panic. She couldn’t sit still. After hours of them all being gone she had paced the full length of the city inside that small corridor. No one had come out to speak to her, no one had explained what those procedures were that she had agreed to. Now that she was thinking about it. Did she have a choice?
A door opened. She turned to it. She didn’t care of the fact that door was the entrance she had come from to get to this corridor. She just wanted someone to give her news on Alasdair.
But it was neither one of the scientists or Alasdair. It was Jeremy. He was covered in sweat, and panting.
“Laura is looking for you”, He said.
“Tsk, yes I had agreed to make weekly announcements to the people”, She worried her bottom lip between her teeth.
“Well go do that, and I’ll wait-…”.
“No”, She snapped.
“The people won’t wait”, Jeremy said. He used the understanding tone that people used on her when they didn’t want to upset someone. But that only irritated her.
“They will wait”, she argued. Her pacing started again. Her foot falls harder than before. Jeremy hurried to keep pace with her.
“You can’t do that, they won’t understand”, Jeremy protested.
“I am not leaving!”, she shouted at the top of her lungs. Her eyes wide with fury. Her body shook. All of her insides felt like a storm of turmoil. Jeremy quickly apologised and went to inform Laura of the situation.
She was alone again. Left to her minds constant fearing paranoia. Arellia didn’t cry, as much as she wanted to, she refused to allow tears to fall.

Poetry 4.3

Victim to lying.

A woman finally condemned for lies she spouts
The innocent mask she used to taunt
Could not hide the truth she denied
She didn’t get her way
And blinded others defended her –
“This is why victims do not step forward”.
No, victims do not step forward
As liars like her have people reasonable doubt
Because too many falsely accused rot in a punishment meant for real criminals,
Liars like her have more than one victim.

Xperia 6.3

The shadow darted back into the forest. Arellia considered going after it but Alasdair was injured in her arms, and she had promised not to ho out alone.
“I’ve got him”, Jeremy rushed to the pair and snatched Alasdair from her lap. She felt the cold invade her body where Alasdair had been lying. It shivered up her body and made her arms cradle over her chest. She thought about saying something to the shadow. A threat or cruel snide jab. But then it felt like an animal or child that didn’t seem to know any better.
She stood and turned swiftly towards it. Staring it down. Half of her thinking – go, it won’t hurt you. – and the other half of her bound by her promise – Alasdair would not forgive you. – she remained still. What was beyond the forest? What is this shadow? Why does it not hurt her?
With a heavy sigh of questions she stepped backwards into the confines of the city.

Poetry 4.2

Accident or purpose

Harm caused through anger,
Anger aimed at you,
Aimed for the purpose to shut you up
Shut you up and stop you from being you.
Harm caused through anger,
Anger was not aimed at you,
The blow was never meant to touch you.
An embrace followed not to shut you up but apologise for the event.
1. Is on purpose
2. Is an accident.

An accident will always be forgiven,
A purpose will always be condemned.

Xperia 6.2

“I see it”, Arellia whispered over her shoulder. She kept her back straight and stepped forward beyond the threshold of the shield.
“No wait let me-…”, Alasdair reached out to her. But was charged into by that shadow Arellia had spotted and pinned to the wall. It could pass the shield…
“Alasdair!”, Arellia screamed rushing back to him. She could see that he was gritting his teeth and Jeremy was using his sword to try and cut at it. But the blade dissolved.
“Shit!”, Jeremy ran back inside for another weapon.
“Wait please!”, Arellia screamed at the foot of the shadow. She reached out her hand to grab at it. The thing screamed and dived back. Alasdair was released from the wall his body appeared unharmed except for the front of his clothes. She darted her eyes for a second at the full sight of him but then refocused when he fell to the floor on his knees with a thud. She caught his head before it followed.
The shadow lurked behind her. She turned her neck to look over her shoulder. It was creating more questions than answers.

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