Another Stab at Poetry…

I was talking to someone recently and it made me think of this. I have also seen comments on other’s as well. I just thought I would write this as a see what happens. Some may agree with me, others may disagree. It might not even be poetry, but here it goes…


You made a mistake.


I pole dance – as a fitness – all my muscles developed, thrived, and blossomed – I am stronger.


I have a boyfriend – he loves me, supports me, and reminds me I can do this – He adds to me.


You made a mistake when you tell me

You pole dance! Wow your boyfriend is so lucky!

I prefer to save my body for my boyfriend, but that’s up to you.

Does your boyfriend mind you doing that?


Here’s what you missed –

Yes, I pole dance, that makes him no luckier than he was before.

My body is for me, and I chose to share it with him, yes, it is up to me.

No, because he’s amazing, but even so, that’s not up to him.


Stop talking to me like I am something that is owned. I am owned by no one but myself. He is someone I choose to share myself with. And it’s none of your business.


King Arthur – Legend of the Sword

Film Review

I didn’t really want to write reviews for things anymore because I wasn’t sure if I was professional enough to write one. However, I felt this film needed, and deserves being written about. 

I literally watched this film four hours ago, and I can honestly say this film is one of the best films I have seen recently. I have watched guardians of the galaxy 2, beauty and the beast, Logan, and King Arthur this year. Between these four films only two out of the four I thoroughly enjoyed, and by the end wanted to watch for a second time. Those two films were Logan, and King Arthur Legend of the Sword. 

King Arthur Legend of the Sword was a beautiful evenly balanced visual, and audio piece of art. It never lost my interest, the script was witty, funny, and very well written, I loved every soundtrack that played so much I went straight onto amazon and bought the soundtrack, the acting was splendid, and the effects was exactly what magic should be like! 

In most king arthur stories, the sword is a “magic” sword that only one boy/man can pull out of the stone… Then does nothing… Has no significance to the rest of the story. Whereas in this film the sword was a magic tool which had in essence a will of its own. That added more to the story which I thought was so refreshing! Gave excallibur a whole new interesting level to it. 

The magic in this film was spot on, if someone has power like these stories express in their pages they should put the fear of God into people when watching it on the screen. Most films feel flimsy, but king Arthur’s effects packed a bigger punch which was satisfying to watch. 

The fight scenes were beautiful, the characters made me smile, and laugh, I thought this was a great film. 

They also built on Arthur’s character, he worked to be what he was, in his back story showed how hard he tried for it. In most films these days they just seem to automatically know how to fight and it loses its character building. This film didn’t leave any of those details out. 

I really don’t have the words, technicality, or reviewing smarts to say anymore except I enjoyed every minute of this film. Please go and watch it! 

Aerial Silks – Healthy Eating.

Move in the picture – I’m thinking this move is some form of meathook knot. I say this because the body is to the side like a meathook would be. However, I say knot because my body was in that silk like a knot in the middle of a ribbon. I now know what it feels like to be hair. To get into this move, invert, and hook on with the insider leg. Use the top hand to bring the silks under you, around your back. To keep yourself secure cross your free leg over the hooked knee. Wrap the silks over the belly, and hold it tight sort of out and behind with the other hand. Keep tight hold, while you reach opposite hand to opposite leg and split the free leg back. Then bring that free leg over to the same side as the leg that is being held.


There is one set group of people that like to say this to me… and as much as I understand that what they say may be right… It still annoys me…

Nothing is healthy for you really… blah blah blah…

Well… yeah, okay nothing is healthy for you in the long run. It is like using a car, you can look after that car as much as it possible needs, clean it, check the engine, regular service checks, etc. However, using the car will run it down eventually. You can slow down the wear and tear, but it will still gradually become damaged in the end. Our bodies are no different. We have to use them, and we could eat the healthiest, drink the healthiest, keep our body in shape. It will still eventually break down.

The importance about eating healthier is slowing down the deteriorating process so we last longer. In the day, in the weeks, months, or years. So, stop using that as an excuse to not try and be healthier with yourself. Your body will thank you, in the end for looking after it more than it would if you don’t.

I’m not the biggest, or greatest dietitian in the world, so I couldn’t advice specifically what is good for you but here are some things to think about.

Don’t be afraid to snack on fruit… – yeah ok they have sugar in them but it is natural sugar – Fructose – which takes longer to breakdown which means longer lasting energy throughout the day.

However, eat more vegetables than fruit… – it is still a good idea to keep the sugar intake at a bit of a low level – vegetables are better than fruit – so have more of them, fruits as snacks, vegetables in meals.

It is also better for your body to eat little and often – we are actually meant to graze throughout the day. Not eat large meals at set times.

I don’t know if any of this would help, but good luck!

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Aerial Hoop – Healthy Eating.

Move in the picture – Not sure what it’s called, but it is actually quite a simple but pretty move. Just have to make sure that the top leg stays high up. To get into this, choose a leg that you want to hook on at the top, and depending on which leg is chosen, when inverting you want the opposite hand to be positioned a little wider away from the normal inverted position. Once the leg is hooked on, think about the same hand to the higher leg to the middle of the bottom bar of the hoop beside your head with your elbow pointing to the centre. Your free hand should hold on to the back of the free leg, and the free leg should extend as if you wanted it to kick back. This should help the hip sink under the bar of the hoop. Then extend the top leg.


On the subject of healthy eating so far. I suck at it. The only thing I have managed to change is that for breakfast I am having alpro vanilla yoghurts, and fresh tropical juice (not from concentrate). I haven’t eaten any veg, and I’m still eating quite a bit of pasta. Though my rice, and pasta have transferred to wholegrain stuff.

However, these small changes I have noticed a difference in myself. My energy levels are lasting longer, so I’m not having to nap or feel sluggish through the day. Plus friends, and relatives have been catching colds, and little bugs I have managed to avoid picking up so far.

With exercise it is important to eat healthy, it reduces the risk of injuries, and illness. Especially for the kind of sport that I do. If I ran out of energy while in the middle of a move that involves me being upside down, or something happens that turns me dizzy while off the ground, I could fall and cause myself a lot of unnecessary injuries. Healthy foods would help prevent that so it would keep my body in top condition to function. As well as my immune system would be better to prevent or fight off illness.

If you’re anything like me, an exercising fiend that joins in with most physical activities, because it is really fun. But you don’t eat healthy, but that’s alright because it hasn’t affected anything before. Well… it will, it will catch up to you eventually.

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A Dragon’s Haunting Fire


(This image I found on google images – It’s not mine, but the artist is very talented)

Something I have been trying out, this is just a small part of it. Please enjoy, I am continuing this on further. The title I made up on the spot, I may change it.

Sera curled her knees to her chest. It felt nice to cuddle something, even if it was herself. Her chin rested against the legs, and watched the lake that spanned the landscape ahead of her. This was a dream the landscape was too beautiful to be real. The tall trees swished green, and brown against the setting orange. The wind blew the stray strands of chocolate brown hair out of her face. It reminded her of her father’s tender comforts. He was always a gentleman with her, as well as actually gentle towards her. She missed it.

Her breath hitched, and the lump in her throat swelled until she thought she would choke if she didn’t let it out. The gorgeous scene blurred in front of her, the tears flooded down her cheeks.  Her nose sniffed in the scent of lavender. It made her think of her mother. The water works poured down her cheeks in thick streams.

A light crunch of the dry grass behind Sera alerted her to another presence. It was unusual to have someone occupy her dream space. This was a familiar dream, and she was always alone. She didn’t turn around however, the thought of someone seeing her ugly crying face was embarrassing. Then she shook herself, embarrassment in a dream?

“What happened?” the voice was deep, and smooth it felt warm to the ears. It was strange to think about, but she liked it. It was a voice she wouldn’t mind listening to all day. Did she answer that honestly? But who was this? Why did he care?

“Who are you?” she sniffled. She tried to swallow down the main sob that threatened to spill from her.

“I’m Jared…” he paused, a breath on his lips made Sera think he has something else he wanted to say. She waited for him to continue, and when he didn’t she wiped her eyes, and sniffed.

“How did you get here?” She couldn’t think of anything else to ask. She still hadn’t turned around to see what he looked like. To put a face to that delicious voice, would mean revealing her disgusting state. Red eyes, swollen from tears… Sera didn’t like that idea.

“I went to sleep” he answered matter of factly. She should have seen that coming, she was dreaming after all. Sera shrugged.

“Sounds fair, I suppose I do the same, why are you here all of a sudden?” She got there eventually. She tried to see if she could see him through the corner of her eye but he was still too far back. Was he tall? Was he old? He didn’t sound old. Jared stepped closer, she knew from the sound of the grass crumbling under his foot. He didn’t seem heavy footed.

“I’m not here all of a sudden” his reply made her stiffen, what did that mean? “I have always been dreaming of this place for years”.

“That’s not possible, I’m always having this dre… what?” Sera stumbled on her words. What did he mean by that?

“I know, I see you every night, you always sit in this spot, sometimes you even walk out to feel the water slip through your fingers” he sounds cautious, and what he says makes Sera’s heart beat pick up.

“Then why have I never noticed you before?” her tone was snappier than she had originally intended. Then again her excuse was that this was her dream surely he was a concoction of her own mind. She hadn’t even looked at him yet.

“You didn’t notice me on the first day… and I thought -…” Jared seemed to struggle to find the words. Sera looked to the lake, hoping to steal his image without turning around. “I thought you was part of the dream, it wasn’t until you started whispering to the lake about your day, and some personal stuff my brain isn’t clever enough to make up”. She couldn’t see his reflection in the lake. So, instead she bit her lip, and slowly stood up. He knew intimate things about her that weren’t meant to be shared with others… “I used to just hide whenever we were here, it was easier than trying to introduce myself to you, I was never sure how you’d react to me”. Sera couldn’t take it anymore. In one swift motion she spun on the balls of her toes. “Don’t-” Jared’s form made her gasp, and step back away from him.

“You-…” She stopped herself. Her body was in the middle of a war with herself. Fear spiked through her at first, but when her mouth opened she was almost sure that her words would be the opposite to her initial impression. He had a human form of a man. In that man Sera could make out the most gorgeous golden eyes flecked with two black wings in the irises. While the rest of him carried a shadow that had a long snout, wings, and a tail. It scaled over his skin. When she opened her mouth to speak again a hint of pain flickered in Jared’s eyes. It ate at her heart enough to make her think carefully about her next words. “You aren’t human?”. She had to fight her mouth to form the words she wanted. Words were trying to fight her. He dropped his gaze from her, and shook his head. As if that was disappointing. “You’re bea-…” She slammed her mouth closed, and cleared her throat. “Are you a figment of my imagination?”. He looked up, and locked eyes with her very carefully he spoke.

“I’m real” he replied not once breaking contact with her eyes. Wouldn’t a dream made character say that? Her next words came out easy, or well more like slipped out.

“Prove it” Wait a minute, Sera cursed her body for rebelling against her. Why did her heart skip a beat at the idea of him being real. Look at him, she scolded herself. His eyes narrowed. There was no anger that she could make out, just scrutiny. When Jared didn’t say anything she carried on. Willing her voice to cooperate. “Why did you decide to approach me now?”. His eyes widened again, his head tilted to the side. Somehow her mind painted the picture of him totally human, tilting his head just like that with the most heart throbbing smile. Stop it, she mentally shook herself.

“You was crying” his voice carried the hint of the obvious. Like it was only natural to approach her. No, she refused to be swayed that easily.

“I’ve been upset before” She sounded pouty. Damn it, why couldn’t she be a bit more sophisticated than that? When he shrugged it brought her back to the conversation.

“True, but not like this”. His reminder that she had been crying set her off again. The lump returned in her throat. She hadn’t forgotten, but he had provided a distraction she didn’t know she needed. “That wasn’t an invitation to cry” his voice was light. He had stepped closer to her, his arms braced out like he would take her into a big bear hug. But then he didn’t wrap them around her. She waited, when she looked up at him through her lashes that had clumped together. Her eyes drew an image of what his face looked like in real life, and crumbled. The sobs came, and she practically dove into his arms. They curled around her like a warm vice. It was a tight hold that made her feel secure, yet loose enough not to cause discomfort. It was the kind of hug she imagined a lover would give to her. He hushed, the soft voice was like a calming balm on a burn wound. Her body sank into him.

“Wait” she stiffened, and hopped out of his arms. “I’m sorry…”.

“No, don’t be sorry” His arms fell to his sides. “So…”.

“So…” Sera felt like kicking herself for being so touchy. The awkward silence was scratching at her insides.

“Want to talk about it?” he sounded cautious, and she could see from his eyes that he wasn’t sure how far she would allow him to step in. For a moment, she thought about it… looking at his deformed body standing in front of her. This was a dream. He claimed to be real, but…

“Want to sit with me?” He welcomed her invitation with a haunting smile that she knew would be in her memories forever. They sat together. Not a word passed their lips as they watched the still water. “What are you?” Sera broke the silence with what she was most interested in. Jared cleared his throat.

“Maybe something else” He tried to not answer that.

“No way, come on…” She pushed it, she wasn’t going to let this go.

“You won’t believe me” He ran his hand over his face. Sera didn’t respond, no if she fought he would delay. She just stared, and waited. When the silence dragged on he sighed. “Just – … Oh shit… ok – I’m… a Dragon”.

Pole Fitness – Healthy Eating

Move in Picture – This is me lowering out of Ayesha. This is because I hate handsprings lol, and would prefer to dead-lift into things. This is me building up to iron-x and dead-lifting into Ayesha.


Sometime around Christmas I fell really ill from a stomach bug which attacked violently for at least twelve hours (if you’re lucky) then left you totally exhausted, with aching muscles that were sore enough to keep you awake so, sleeping was not an option unless you had an electric blanket to soothe sore muscles while you slept.

I then fell victim to a flu on new years which knocked me in bed for four days. My whole body ached, my face was burning up so much my eyes stung, and yet my body was cold I was shivering. The only way I could sleep was a cold damp cloth over my eyes while bundled up from the neck down. I was soaking wet from sweat by the time I woke up, I felt like a puddle.

Then literally two months later I fell ill again… I was feeling tired just from pole fitness class warm-ups, and I looked like someone had just dug me up. I knew for a long time that my diet was probably what was wrong with my system. I was exercising a lot which is the only reason I’m not fat. However, I was just eating crap, like chocolate, takeout food, and nothing good for me. The only thing healthy for me that I consumed was water.

Since I was falling ill a lot, it made me re-think the idea of eating healthy. I was think oh yeah I’ll start it, I’ll be dead good. But I’ve always been weak to crappy foods. So, now that I will be competing this year in June, I am hoping this will help me remain focused.

It is important that with exercise a healthy diet plan is partnered with it. I’ll go further into it on the next post.

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