EAAC 2017 – Is over. 

It’s finished. This includes the journey home yesterday, which was just as fun, but a little sad, because I want more! I wish the weekend would repeat!


It was nice returning to my pole fitness classes at Inversion with all this information. It was just spilling out of me like word vomit to my instructor.

I also thought my body was focused for practice, even information was coming out of me, I felt like I understood why I couldn’t do certain things.

I did manage this though. Apologies for the belly.

I also feel closer to the two beautiful friends I had with me. We had a lot of fun together, and we shared a massage train that others just would never understand. LOL!

It’s the same picture from earlier. I will need to get a new one! Oh! And I’m looking forward to michaellas video from EAAC.


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