Getting back into Reading.

Recently, because I have been feeling a little bit low I have let go of practically everything. And although reading was only one of those things, probably not even the most important, but it is where I am going to start. I love sinking into another world and forgetting about the one that we are all actually in for a little bit. Now, I am going to try and do it even more I want to go into the year 2022 with a goal of the number of books I read. I could do with expanding my brain and films are just getting all the more awful.

The goal.

I know this isn’t going to be difficult for some of you. Unfortunately though I am a slow reader. I am nearly like Penny from the big bang theory. Hopefully not that slow, but I am still slow enough. To improve that I have set myself a goal to read one book a week. At least. I am practically sweating at the idea of that goal. My brain is thinking ‘Oh my god, do I have the brain power to even do that’. Short answer, probably not. But you never know for sure unless you try right?


At the moment I am more than halfway through ‘Incendiary’ by Zoraida Cordova. I am enjoying it, but I would like to talk about it once I have finished it. I have eleven chapters left so if I read at least two a day for seven days I will finish it for next week. Then I will have the conundrum of selecting the next book to read from my shelf.

Zoraida Cordova


Waterstones recently announced their book of the year award winner. And what a winner he is. Already hysterically famous, there won’t be anyone in the world who doesn’t have some idea of who this is. Or would have at least heard of him. ‘The Lyrics’ by Paul McCartney.

From the moment booksellers heard about the imminent publication of The Lyrics we all recognised its enormous significance as a key piece of cultural history. When the stunningly designed two-volume slipcase edition arrived in shops, we realised it was even more special than that. Paul McCartney has stated that it is highly unlikely he will ever write a conventional autobiography. This, then, stands as the defining literary statement of Britain’s most influential living songwriter. From Yesterday to Hey Jude to Live and Let Die and beyond, The Lyrics – crafted in collaboration with celebrated poet Paul Muldoon – abounds in evocative, never-before-seen images from McCartney’s personal archive alongside fascinating commentary on 154 career-spanning songs that have soundtracked all of our lives. The Lyrics is undoubtedly, in the words of Waterstones CEO James Daunt, ‘a true joy for bibliophiles.’

They also announced the Winner for their Children’s Gift of the Year award. ‘Julia and the Shark’ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. A beautifully illustrated book for children, Tom de Freston, this book is a wonderful addition for your children’s mini home libraries.

When we saw just how much bookseller love there was out there for the breathtaking children’s novel Julia and the Shark, we knew we had to crown it our Children’s Gift of the Year. A very special collaboration between the wife and husband team of Kiran Millwood Hargrave (former Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winner for The Girl of Ink and Stars) and enormously talented artist Tom de Freston, this wonderfully realised tale of a summer spent seeking the mysterious great Greenland shark touches on universal themes of family, hope and the escalating climate crisis. With de Freston’s exquisite illustrations perfectly complementing Hargrave’s tender, timeless and compelling prose, Julia and the Shark is an irresistibly beautiful must-read that all junior bookworms – not to mention their parents – will fall head over heels in love with.

Thank you so much for reading. If you could check out the link under the images that would be a great help to me and greatly appreciated. Write again soon. Bye!

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