Music Mood Setting.

I’ve been slowly chipping away at a novel that I have been writing for roughly a year now. I decided during lockdown to really focus on just one project. This was an idea I spoke to with my brother when it originally sparked inside my head. It has changed a lot since then and I quite happy with where it has gone so far. There have been moments though when I have struggled getting through a scene because I just haven’t felt the mood. Well, this week I have found a song that has helped set me in a particular mood for the part that I am at with my writing.

Sting ft Ray Chen – What could have been. (Arcane League of Legends Soundtrack).

This has just hit the right spot for me this week and I feel like the writing is flowing in the right pace for what I’m seeing in my head. It is a beautifully orchestral piece. It is also from the Netflix series Arcane, which I haven’t watched yet so please, no spoilers, thank you.

While writing I think I struggled with finding the right emotion for that particular scene. As there are things that happen in my story that I have not been through. I always imagine myself in the characters shoes, based on what that character is like, if I was like that how I would imagine I would feel in those moments. This week apparently I feel like the character feels like a monster. Apparently, she feels like what has happened could have been different. Should be different. But it isn’t. And this song just hits the spot for me.

Sometimes, I will admit I just need that one song or a whole soundtrack, or even a film to just set me into a particular mood and the writing will flow. I find if I was to try and play another song at this moment I just wouldn’t feel right.


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