Multiple Applications.

Hello everyone. Since leaving my previous job and even before leaving it in fact, I had been applying for other jobs. Ones that I was hopeful to get once I had left. Or not long afterwards. However, as with most of the job applications that I complete I receive a notification that I unfortunately was not selected. Or indeed sends me a notification that lets me know that the employer has moved on to the next stage of the recruitment process and it looks like I was not selected this time… Or any time there after.

Rejection after rejection.

Whenever I apply for jobs that don’t look particularly dodgy I get rejected. Every time. The excuse has always been the same. They would apparently choose someone with more experience. More experience? Not to sound a little bit juvenile and whiny but is that the real reason? or is that just a generic message sent to every applicant on mass from a bot to save on time, energy, and money? I’m nearly thirty. I’m not old, but I’m not exactly at that peak prime of life. Also… again not to sound petulant but one of the jobs I had applied for was a trainee job. Experience in that respect should not really be a factor in a trainee application role.

Emotional State.

After a while I’m not going to lie the mental state starts to plop to levels below ground. Self-worth becomes sort of questioning. Especially when I consider that the only jobs that took me on were really dodgy customer service roles, and they only took me on because someone else wouldn’t take the job or I looked like someone who would show up. These are pretty crap reasons. I didn’t stand out like they tell you that you need to when searching for jobs. I just happen to be a last option. That stings, just a little bit to the self-esteem. Whatever little self-esteem I had.

Time for another change.

Well, I don’t want to fall into another awful job in which the employer takes advantage of their staff and honestly… there is no real benefit or worth to that job at all. On the other hand I need a job. So, as a result I have made another change. I have decided to apply to be a support worker for young people and children with autism (specially but not only). Terrifying isn’t the only word I would use for this. But, on the plus side, full training is crucial and is given, it is a job that is worth doing, and as awful as this sounds it pays relatively ok. I say ok, because it is over my minimum wage, but not much more. I’m nervous because I don’t have any real experience as a support worker at all. And these are young people that (if I get the job) require me to help them whenever possible. I would be responsible for that young person. I have only really been responsible for my own dogs. And dogs can be pretty basic once you’ve made sure that they won’t bite people. Feed them, walk them, give them cuddles, and then they sleep. This will be completely different. I am just more concerned with doing something wrong.


Tomorrow morning is the interview day. I am actually quite nervous because most of the interviews have been quite informal. This one is going to be official. To prepare I’m doing and going to continue to do research on everything and anything that I can find for this job. Wish me luck?


It is getting delightedly closer to Christmas. In light of this, if you’d be interested in getting your loved ones a special book for this seasonal holiday then please check out the link below it would help me out a lot.

I feel as if today’s post is not only late but quite short. I thought I had a little more to say about last week… I probably do but I am only concentrating on one aspect. The aspect that is currently at the forefront of my brain. Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!

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