Chipping away.

Hello everyone. I have to be honest I have not made amazing ground breaking strides with my writing. In fact I have really only worked on it in the small moments I have between doing other things. I would like to blame it on Christmas but there are other things as well which have left me with not an awful lot of time to sit down and concentrate for hours on it.

That being said today I did have time, and I still do have time which I will be taking advantage of after dinner. But today I spent a great deal of it reading and getting my booster and writing something that I think I want to try out for later.

The Beginnings.

Whenever I come up with an idea I always take some time to write the beginnings of this idea to save it on my computer for me to come back to later. It will most definitely change. But I like to do this because on the day that I come back to it, and I will come back to it, it’ll help me remember what it was I was thinking or imagining. I haven’t got a title for it that will be the next step in my thought process.


Due to the fact that it will be Christmas in just a couple of hours I am going to leave this post here.


Waterstones has already prepared for the boxing day sales. Fancy an extra treat after Christmas check out the link below.

Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you so much for reading. Write again soon. Bye!

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