Let’s do this 2022.

New year, new me.

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great holiday if that is what you celebrate. If not then I hope you had at least a good new year. Honestly, I can say I have had a nice Christmas and New Year. Not normal. But it was nice. I spent a night with my Mum, brother, and his partner playing the horror game – Man of Medan a week before Christmas. I then spent the day at the cinema with my Dad, brother, and his partner to see the new Spider Man film which by the way was excellent. (My partner was with me, I would never just abandon him during this excellent holiday season). And this was before Christmas Eve. This had all been planned to happen before Christmas because of my partner’s brother and wife. They live in Boston. They had originally decided to fly in on Christmas Eve. Which by all accounts wasn’t really the greatest idea given the current UK circumstances. They cancelled last minute. However, I didn’t change my plans with my family. It was a good thing I didn’t because otherwise I wouldn’t have seen either of them at all. My Dad went away on Holiday for three weeks, flying out on Christmas Eve. Lucky bugger. And my Mum tested positive for covid. She was not very well. She has recovered now, but her partner also tested positive just before new years. So, at least I got those days with my parents before anything. On Christmas day we went to go and spend a couple of hours with my partner’s mum which was really nice. I got to say thank you to my partner’s sister because she got us the best tasting meat for our Christmas dinner ever. Then on boxing day went to see my partner’s dad.

Then on new years eve and day we ate treats and take away food. Didn’t really do anything else though in regards to celebrating the event of the new year. The only thing I have done is make some target ideas for myself to self-improve. Now this doesn’t just include my weight, this will include my skills, my mental well-being when it comes to myself view. I have a very low image of myself. I consider myself to be close to worthless. Actually no, not close, I do think I am completely useless, with no value, and I don’t think I deserve anything particularly good for me or exciting when it comes to career or jobs. So, now I am going to make efforts, maybe not to change that point of view because… how would I change that?


I don’t really want to call them new year resolutions. I could start these goals whenever I want. I didn’t necessarily need it to be the new year to start these changes. But the new year is a good point to measure when I started, wherever I get up to, and the results compared to when I started. So, I am calling these goals. Some of these goals are going to be recorded on here. Some of them are a little too private and I don’t want to share those moments with anyone else at all. Sorry guys. But most of my goals will be recorded on here.

  • Fitness

This is a general point that covers a few goals. I will have already spoken about this goal. Probably multiple times. Sadly, for you, I am going to briefly touch on this again. I want to improve my Pole and Aerial skills. The only difficult part of this for me is finding a place to practice. A place that I don’t have to consistently allocate at least two hours a day because of equipment set up and set down. As well as being weather dependant because I am training in my back garden. It is really frustrating. I don’t have a room to practice in. There are some things I can work on but the actual moves I need to do otherwise I will never get to the level I want. This is more being held back by circumstance. Which I will figure out before the end of this year. The other part to that is lose weight. The basic of any fitness is losing weight. I have decided not to go off the scales. Instead I am going to try and see the difference… it may take a little longer but this may be a healthier way to do it. With that I will be following a yogi on youtube. And Chloe Ting has updated her website and released a new workout program. Which I will be following.

  • Healthier eating.

Which leads into the next goal. Better eating. Healthier eating. This will depend solely on my cooking skills. Which if any of you reading this know me… are just not existent. This is probably because I am a fussy eater. However, I have promised my partner I am just going to force myself through it. To do this we are going to follow Slimming world meals, and once a week I am going to select a different Chloe Ting recipe. I am going to try and make it, and we are going to eat it. Once a week. I am going to do some proper cooking… Chopping onions (blurg).

  • Reading

We already know about my reading goal. One book a week for the year to try and improve my reading. I can tell you I am doing very well. I am still on that. I will talk about the two books this week.

  • Writing

Going to try and complete a chapter a day. This won’t include editing. This is just writing it. Getting that chapter down and done. Editing one chapter a day will come after I have completed the novel. I also want to work on a short story piece which I might allocate a day to on the weekend maybe.

All of this, of course, will have to work around my new job.

My new Job.

Yes, I did it. I believe I got the job. Which is exciting but also terrifying. I have never done this job before, however, I feel that this job is going to be so much better than all of my previous jobs. I also have a sense that I am going to stay in this job. I want to stay in this job, I don’t want to shuffle into another job again. The issues between jobs is just financially crippling.

I do need to do multiple bits of research, and thankfully there will be training. But they also are willing to pay for me to complete an NVQ qualification. I am very excited for this. I haven’t started yet but I believe that might be because the place was closed over Christmas and New Year.

The year 2022 is going to be a better year for me. The year 2022 is going to be a better me forever. Thank you so much for reading. I know this seems like a repeat of every year but I am making conscious efforts to be a better me. I’ll write again soon. Bye!

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