Myself :

I’m a young woman with a life split into three parts. My first part, and the highest priority to me currently, is that I am the proud owner of two beautiful Siberian Huskies, and as much as they are not going to be mentioned much in this blog, they are my babies, and the most important to me. My second part, is my writing, I love writing (even if I am not the best at it – actually let me re-phrase that – even if I am totally awful at it) I write to escape, and I am in my second year of university, studying creative writing. Though I say this, this part isn’t more important than my third, it just came before the third part of me. Which is my pole/aerial training. A physical fitness I think is so beautiful, and physically challenging that I am having the time of my life.


Blog :

This Blog is going to be about my writing, my reading, and my physical activities during my life at University.


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