About Me…?

In short, I am a Pole Fitness instructor for Inversion Pole Fitness. I am a student who hasn’t finished yet in creative writing. I have two Siberian Huskies.

I have had my beautiful babies since they were eight weeks old. They have grown into two beautiful creatures. Bandit is a secret cuddle lover. Luna is a never ending food lover. They are my very first Siberian Huskies, and so far so good. There have been some rocky moments. Though I’d like to say they make my day every time.

Creative writing is an odd subject for me. I love writing. I love it, and I really just want to continue it. Even though I am not very good at it. And I may not have done all that well at university. I still love it, and think the more I do it the better I’ll be. So, I am going to keep practising and you will still see my posts in attempts at it.

Pole Fitness has become a second life dream for me. I start this when I started university. So three years now. I have always been sporty but this has pushed me to better myself physically. My writing pushes me mentally, but pole fitness and aerial pushes me physically. I want to eat healthier to look after my body, I’m stretching to improve my flexibility but it is also improving my posture. I am stronger in everything. I have been given the opportunity to teach beginner classes every week and it has been amazing.

About this Blog…

Well it has become a bit of a mish mash of everything really. But I am going to organise it so that it looks more stable so things I’d like to cover is – poetry, the Xperia story, short stories, maybe script work, fanfiction work, what I’m reading, my workouts, and my poochies.

But I think first I need to go through everything. Neaten up the place. So, for now playing with the themes.


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