Aerial Hoop – Healthy Eating.

Move in the picture – Not sure what it’s called, but it is actually quite a simple but pretty move. Just have to make sure that the top leg stays high up. To get into this, choose a leg that you want to hook on at the top, and depending on which leg is chosen, when inverting you want the opposite hand to be positioned a little wider away from the normal inverted position. Once the leg is hooked on, think about the same hand to the higher leg to the middle of the bottom bar of the hoop beside your head with your elbow pointing to the centre. Your free hand should hold on to the back of the free leg, and the free leg should extend as if you wanted it to kick back. This should help the hip sink under the bar of the hoop. Then extend the top leg.


On the subject of healthy eating so far. I suck at it. The only thing I have managed to change is that for breakfast I am having alpro vanilla yoghurts, and fresh tropical juice (not from concentrate). I haven’t eaten any veg, and I’m still eating quite a bit of pasta. Though my rice, and pasta have transferred to wholegrain stuff.

However, these small changes I have noticed a difference in myself. My energy levels are lasting longer, so I’m not having to nap or feel sluggish through the day. Plus friends, and relatives have been catching colds, and little bugs I have managed to avoid picking up so far.

With exercise it is important to eat healthy, it reduces the risk of injuries, and illness. Especially for the kind of sport that I do. If I ran out of energy while in the middle of a move that involves me being upside down, or something happens that turns me dizzy while off the ground, I could fall and cause myself a lot of unnecessary injuries. Healthy foods would help prevent that so it would keep my body in top condition to function. As well as my immune system would be better to prevent or fight off illness.

If you’re anything like me, an exercising fiend that joins in with most physical activities, because it is really fun. But you don’t eat healthy, but that’s alright because it hasn’t affected anything before. Well… it will, it will catch up to you eventually.

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Aerial Hoop – Flexibility

Move in the picture – I’m not sure what it’s called, I think its some form of variation from the top bar delilah, but not sure. This was strangely uncomfortable on the top leg. To be honest, I’m thinking the leg should probably be hooked on the rigging but having metal in the back of my knee seems pretty painful. I need to get my back leg lower as well…


Aerial hoop is one discipline that does sometimes demand flexibility all the way through. If people think a pole is unmovable to wrap the body around, well just wait until aerial hoop is added to the mix. The moves are really pretty, but to pose them effectively flexibility is one of those things I would definitely recommend working on early.

I had zero flexibility when I started my aerial/pole training. I couldn’t even touch my toes. However, now I can touch my toes, and over time my flexibility has progressively improved. My only issue is some moves would look amazingly better if my hips would just open! and my back would bend.

To get to the level that I want, that will compliment my strength in my training, I will need to practice stretching every day… The only way to make any real progress. The only warning I have is – listen to the body, it will get to a point when it will just open up. However, every body has a different time and effort spent limit before this point. Push too far and it will just ruin the progress made.

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Aerial Hoop – Building Strength

Move in the picture – Split grip split

If you’re not a dancer, or never had any dance experience other than your aerial work for the last year like myself. Then this move will teach you a couple of fundamental things that tend to come with this kind of discipline. How to be fearless! and always point your toes! If the top foot flexed then you can kiss your shoulders goodbye, because you will drop and probably rip your shoulders off to go with it.


To continue with my earlier discussion about strength. This discipline is actually quite helpful. You’ll find that each discipline (if you practice multiple) helps compliment the other. I probably would not have made the progress I have over the year if I had not had the supported practice of the other disciplines. The same strength applies, and once again it can be built through beginning classes.

With all the strength in the world, if I had not had the practice from beginner classes I would never have made it to this point. Aerial Hoop, though different to pole in some ways can be a good companion practice for pole or silks. Personally, I would use it to help build strength, as there are positions in Hoop that are easier to build strength in than pole. This is because you can use the hoop as a pull up bar, also that the only grip worries you have to worry about is if your hands get tired. Whereas Pole you’re depending on the grip of your skin as well as your body strength and sometimes that can let you down.

This is not to say that Hoop is any easier than Pole. Absolutely not! I would just agree that they can help each other in practice.

Lesson 1.3 – Other disciplines can help with strength building.

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