Aerial Silks – Healthy Eating.

Move in the picture – I’m thinking this move is some form of meathook knot. I say this because the body is to the side like a meathook would be. However, I say knot because my body was in that silk like a knot in the middle of a ribbon. I now know what it feels like to be hair. To get into this move, invert, and hook on with the insider leg. Use the top hand to bring the silks under you, around your back. To keep yourself secure cross your free leg over the hooked knee. Wrap the silks over the belly, and hold it tight sort of out and behind with the other hand. Keep tight hold, while you reach opposite hand to opposite leg and split the free leg back. Then bring that free leg over to the same side as the leg that is being held.


There is one set group of people that like to say this to me… and as much as I understand that what they say may be right… It still annoys me…

Nothing is healthy for you really… blah blah blah…

Well… yeah, okay nothing is healthy for you in the long run. It is like using a car, you can look after that car as much as it possible needs, clean it, check the engine, regular service checks, etc. However, using the car will run it down eventually. You can slow down the wear and tear, but it will still gradually become damaged in the end. Our bodies are no different. We have to use them, and we could eat the healthiest, drink the healthiest, keep our body in shape. It will still eventually break down.

The importance about eating healthier is slowing down the deteriorating process so we last longer. In the day, in the weeks, months, or years. So, stop using that as an excuse to not try and be healthier with yourself. Your body will thank you, in the end for looking after it more than it would if you don’t.

I’m not the biggest, or greatest dietitian in the world, so I couldn’t advice specifically what is good for you but here are some things to think about.

Don’t be afraid to snack on fruit… – yeah ok they have sugar in them but it is natural sugar – Fructose – which takes longer to breakdown which means longer lasting energy throughout the day.

However, eat more vegetables than fruit… – it is still a good idea to keep the sugar intake at a bit of a low level – vegetables are better than fruit – so have more of them, fruits as snacks, vegetables in meals.

It is also better for your body to eat little and often – we are actually meant to graze throughout the day. Not eat large meals at set times.

I don’t know if any of this would help, but good luck!

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Aerial Silks – Flexibility

Move in the picture – I’m going to say it’s some form of foot-locked gazelle. I don’t actually know the name of this move. I was practicing this move for a photoshoot. It isn’t a hard move. Once the foot-lock is on, just wrap the free silk around the waist twice, hold on to the free silk at your side, then lean back. Hook the free foot over the silks, and then wrap the free silk around the arm for dramatic effect. A nice simple move, but really pretty for a photo.


Flexibility in aerial silks would be very beneficial for lines and joint mobility for some moves. Just like in pole, and aerial hoop it would definitely look better if I was already very flexible. However, I’m not, and it has taken me a while to get to where I am currently, so to make any real progress it will take me another long time as well.

For silks though, some flexibility can be helped along in some moves. As an example if both feet are foot-looked, one in each silk. Twist the body so you’re facing one of the silks and start to push your feet out, one front, one back. Always remember to breathe, and the silks will help you sink into the front or box splits. The box is a little harder because of the angle.

To help with my flexibility, I have been using a couple of different things to help my body open up.

Bendy Kate’s advanced stretching techniques – is handy to have.

My instructor runs stretch and flex sessions twice a week.

KinoYoga – youtube.

TrackYoga – an app on my phone.

If interested please follow the link below –

Aerial Silks – Strength Building

Move in the picture – Gazelle Arabesque (Back shot)

The hardest part of this move is making sure the silks don’t slide over the leggings that you may be wearing on the day while trying to wrap the leg as fast as possible. Then trying to remember, as you thread your arm between the silks, which way to twist. Once everyone got in that move, we all kind of looked around going… “Is this it? Am I doing it right?” I think it was because our bodies didn’t feel any strain while in it.


Silks is whole different level of strength than the other two disciplines. The arms, and core burn a lot in this discipline, so if you’re one of those people that starts a pole session with “Oh, but I have no upper body strength” then I wouldn’t jump straight into this sport straight away. Of course if you do, you will build strength very quickly, and I’m not saying don’t, but just be prepared for this to definitely ache your shoulders and stomach by the end.

There are a few exercises that I would recommend to help build at least a base line of strength if you feel completely out of your depth, or you just simply want to progress quicker.


On the apparatus – Chin ups (deadlift) – Even if it starts as just little shoulder shrugs you want to get to a point that is comfortable to deadlift a full chin up with arms fully extended to start with.

Off the apparatus – Press ups – Any kind of press up will do, though I would suggest working towards knees off the ground, full straight plank, and fully controlled press down, then up.


Upper Core – Sit ups – full controlled sit ups all abs no arms or neck.

Lower Core – Leg raises – lying flat on your back, legs straight lifting them, then lowering them but try your best not to touch the floor.

Back – Reverse sit ups – I would recommend having someone hold your legs down while you slowly lift your back as much as you can and then lower down. Just be aware that you don’t want to damage your back. Hurt the back and your done… completely.


Legs are not overly necessary to work on. However, I wouldn’t say don’t, they are still used for some moves and it is important to be strong enough to squeeze them together while holding your weight.

On the Pole – table top crunches – This helps strengthen your sides, but also if you put the lower foot closer to the pole, the top leg hooked on the pole has to try harder to keep you from falling.

On the Hoop – Single leg hang – All your weight hanging upside down on one leg definitely helps, just have someone spot seriously.

Silks – tie a hitch in the silks and do single leg hangs similar to On the Hoop.

Off the equipment – Run, or Swim.

Lesson 1.6 – The discipline will help build strength, but there are exercises to build it as a baseline before, or faster progression.

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