Another Stab at Poetry…

I was talking to someone recently and it made me think of this. I have also seen comments on other’s as well. I just thought I would write this as a see what happens. Some may agree with me, others may disagree. It might not even be poetry, but here it goes…


You made a mistake.


I pole dance – as a fitness – all my muscles developed, thrived, and blossomed – I am stronger.


I have a boyfriend – he loves me, supports me, and reminds me I can do this – He adds to me.


You made a mistake when you tell me

You pole dance! Wow your boyfriend is so lucky!

I prefer to save my body for my boyfriend, but that’s up to you.

Does your boyfriend mind you doing that?


Here’s what you missed –

Yes, I pole dance, that makes him no luckier than he was before.

My body is for me, and I chose to share it with him, yes, it is up to me.

No, because he’s amazing, but even so, that’s not up to him.


Stop talking to me like I am something that is owned. I am owned by no one but myself. He is someone I choose to share myself with. And it’s none of your business.


Inspire Me

Another little play with poetry… I’m not great with poetry but we are going to see how this goes. Plus I’m currently suffering through writers block right now for other sections of writing so forgive me for it possibly being … awful.


Let the music fill your body

and watch as you move with it

like a flowing river

smooth, strong, and controlled.

Every line of her movement

embodies beauty

empowers interest

enforces desire

The wish to be like that, to do that, to be more than what we are.

You as a friend who encourages,

an instructor who teaches,

and our coach that pushes us.

Watch the sequence again, and again. Take my breath away.

I will train harder, I will concentrate more, I will practice and condition.

I will be better than what I am now,

My confidence sometimes splutters, but you put me back.

You put me in a braver state of mind, and I just want to say…

Thank you, for inspiring me.


I haven’t written anything for a while, except for university assessments. I feel a little bit like I have lost myself a little bit. So I thought I would test out Poetry. I’m not particularly good at poetry, actually I’m pretty sure my poetry is awful. However, it is a simple form to experiment with, and at University I can’t write what I want, my poetry on my course has to be on landscape this year. So this is something I thought of. It isn’t brilliant, and it is literally off the top of my head. This is how I feel in the middle of a panic, usually when I am out and about with the dogs. I don’t have a picture to go with this, but I’m hoping the words will paint it for me.


Open eyes see nothing ahead

silent paths remain empty

each step taken is a vise at the heart

each breath is a sighed relief.

Concrete slabs littered in waste

focus falls on routine dancing form

weaving around disregard, negligence, and ignorance

a sound pricks the ears.

Gasp, look up, nothing still.

Drum, drum, drum, drum, drum.

A vise around the heart.

Steps quicken, just get back, just get back,

the eyes catch a glimmer of nightmare

the breath stops

blood drains away heart plummets away panic is cold.

Ice cold.

Muscles tense freeze

brain trapped in a state of limbo,                     what to do!?

It’s coming. There’s no time. The body can’t move. The brain “where to go?”.

Fast, still coming, no stop!

closer! no, no please wait.

Almost here, nononononononononononoNO! Ah!

It’s here, the body unfrozen, brain “Just run”.

Too late… it’s here now.