Poetry 0.6

Only half

Only ever notice half
Opinions are made, judgements confirmed.
The bigger picture is never reached.
Only ever see half
Laid out an obvious thought manipulator.
Think one way the same as everyone.
Only ever hear half
Emotional attachments are carved on a side.
These vs them in a combat.
Only ever speak half
Empowerment of a divine half that cries loudest.
The true enlighten goal will never be accomplished.
To only ever be half of anything never brings the whole together.


Poetry 0.5


Carved stone in slabs and bricks.
Everything attached in blocks
No space between sign board shops
Buy this buy that this is nothing like next door.
Metal frames roar and beep at speeds beyond a limit
Weaving in pulling out slam the breaks
Busy walks never stops ignore the makeshift bed on the side
Spray painted walls broken windows
Residency below budget.
View the hotel taxi stop five star stands glorious and clean
Out of place the service tends to every need
Comfort stretched beyond yearly wage
Never afford the luxury of rudeness and no consequence
Over thank you obligatory gratefulness
Design label suits dresses shoes
Creative entrepreneur flash awards
Pretend for a moment that lady likeness
Swallow back the sharp dizzy in a glass
On return take note of comfort in normalcy

Poetry 0.4


All is fine all is fine all is fine
That small niggle in the back of the mind
Whisper whisper whispers not there
Look over every shoulder
Eyes eyes eyes invisibly everywhere
Bind together into a ball
Arms wrap tight over chest and waist
Legs clench never to walk and part
All freedom grinds to a halt
Crippled by a feeling
All dreads clamp down on the surroundings
And watch as the cruelty of your own evil manipulates your life into a nightmare.

Poetry 0.3

This one is not going to have an image today.


The first step in all mistakes.
Forgiveness sometimes follows.
Confession is sometimes the only step.
And that’s not good enough.
It can turn into easy habit.
To appease wounded audience.
Confusion strikes if not accepted.
More is needed.
The first step in all mistakes.
Repent is to earn true relief.
The weights of the burden lifts away.
History may haunt with side secret glances.
Offended victim may never recover.
If admission is the only goal.

Poetry 0.2

(Image was found on Google – not mine)


Like an interrogator in a war camp the mind stands as your accuser. Questioning all things done the false answers it had already won.
But it likes the game not the plea.
Feel the choke in the chest. Squeeze the heart. Show the weakness in the blood.
Torture the body don’t leave a mark. Secret agony riddles with no doubts.
Suffer alone with a favourite saying not because it feels right but because no other words come to mind.
“I’m sorry”.
Even when fault has no place to lie. The words fall out.
“I’m sorry”.
Even when the fake sentiment has ran out. The words fall out.
“I’m sorry”.
Circle back repeating nightmares. The words fall out.

Poetry 0.1

(image isn’t mine – I found it on Google)

This will be the first attempt at poetry outside of university. It’ll be interesting to see what you all think.


A mirror prints a perfect copy – the image unsatisfactory.
Cosmetic adjustments never before been made… Complete – an image worthy of happiness.
A mirror prints a perfect copy – unless it’s not a mirror. A face not the same but the appearance change the same. A theif in the making. A figure with same taste – follows the trails of another – a theif – no idea can be one’s own.
Confront or deny the mimic and laughter is the only response.
A doppelganger in the making.
Witness as no ideas are shared again, witness how reclusive the next inspiration becomes. Witness there is no you when the copying is done.

Another Stab at Poetry…

I was talking to someone recently and it made me think of this. I have also seen comments on other’s as well. I just thought I would write this as a see what happens. Some may agree with me, others may disagree. It might not even be poetry, but here it goes…


You made a mistake.


I pole dance – as a fitness – all my muscles developed, thrived, and blossomed – I am stronger.


I have a boyfriend – he loves me, supports me, and reminds me I can do this – He adds to me.


You made a mistake when you tell me

You pole dance! Wow your boyfriend is so lucky!

I prefer to save my body for my boyfriend, but that’s up to you.

Does your boyfriend mind you doing that?


Here’s what you missed –

Yes, I pole dance, that makes him no luckier than he was before.

My body is for me, and I chose to share it with him, yes, it is up to me.

No, because he’s amazing, but even so, that’s not up to him.


Stop talking to me like I am something that is owned. I am owned by no one but myself. He is someone I choose to share myself with. And it’s none of your business.