Pole Fitness – Competition.

Pole Fitness – Competition


I haven’t written anything for a while, and I haven’t posted anything small either for a while either because I have been concentrating a lot on training for the JLN Pole Competition.
However, the competition is over now, it was a brilliant evening, lots of excitement, and energy. Everyone was cheering, and very welcoming. All the way through the routines people were going wild, so it was easy to forget that you were competing. You could perform, and just concentrate on what you’re doing next.
The most important thing about performing in general, not just in competitions but in showcases as well, you have to enjoy it. If you don’t what is the point? Please, please, please if you perform, just enjoy it at least! If you’re not having fun, it isn’t worth doing. However, if most shows are like the competition, the energy just makes it fun. On the other hand, if you are competing to win there are a few tips I could give I suppose.
There was so much skill out there over the weekend. If you’re easily nervous, don’t watch kids, haha! They are absolutely amazing, but the kids doing any sport are fearless, and pick up movements with a snap of their fingers. That is not to dull the amazingness of them, because it is absolutely, but to watch them may make you nervous. Or it did for me a little bit, because I was in the category after them… I can’t follow that!
Another thing, eat something. Always, make it an hour before you’re scheduled to perform, but still eat something. Plain pasta (doesn’t have to be alot) or even one jelly baby. I know sounds really weird but trust me.
Another thing, do a mini warm-up stretch sometime, but don’t let that time getting ready make psych you out. Everyone else is in the same boat as you.
The next thing is EYES! When getting up on the stage, clock a judge, any judge and make that judge your target eye line! If you have smiles in your routine throw it their direction. If you have animal growling face, or I’m going to take over the world face, it’s for them. It is very important. Even if you are mid-move on static, or in the midst of a spin, find that face, and give them whatever look that suits whatever style, story, or song choice you’re going for.
Once it’s over, find your feet, and don’t forget to bow, give them audience and the judges a smile, and bow.

I have a few words for everyone who competed on that night.

Well done all of you! You got up on that stage, and performed your best, most people couldn’t so much as get on the stage, nevermind do what you amazing people did. And I know a lot of hardwork went into all of your performances, and they were all absolutely beautiful as a result. So! – Well Done Everyone!

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Pole Fitness – Healthy Eating

Move in Picture – This is me lowering out of Ayesha. This is because I hate handsprings lol, and would prefer to dead-lift into things. This is me building up to iron-x and dead-lifting into Ayesha.


Sometime around Christmas I fell really ill from a stomach bug which attacked violently for at least twelve hours (if you’re lucky) then left you totally exhausted, with aching muscles that were sore enough to keep you awake so, sleeping was not an option unless you had an electric blanket to soothe sore muscles while you slept.

I then fell victim to a flu on new years which knocked me in bed for four days. My whole body ached, my face was burning up so much my eyes stung, and yet my body was cold I was shivering. The only way I could sleep was a cold damp cloth over my eyes while bundled up from the neck down. I was soaking wet from sweat by the time I woke up, I felt like a puddle.

Then literally two months later I fell ill again… I was feeling tired just from pole fitness class warm-ups, and I looked like someone had just dug me up. I knew for a long time that my diet was probably what was wrong with my system. I was exercising a lot which is the only reason I’m not fat. However, I was just eating crap, like chocolate, takeout food, and nothing good for me. The only thing healthy for me that I consumed was water.

Since I was falling ill a lot, it made me re-think the idea of eating healthy. I was think oh yeah I’ll start it, I’ll be dead good. But I’ve always been weak to crappy foods. So, now that I will be competing this year in June, I am hoping this will help me remain focused.

It is important that with exercise a healthy diet plan is partnered with it. I’ll go further into it on the next post.

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Pole Fitness – Flexibility

Move in the Picture – Russian Layback – Beautiful move, and the only real difficult, and maybe just a little frightening part of this moving is getting in it. Once in it though, quite comfortable and easy to stay in. I have one recommendation, arch your back to lift your butt and push it into the pole.


Flexibility has never been one of my strong suits. Strength I am all over it, flexibility however is another story. It is a long, slow process that just has everyone crying uncontrollably while counting down the seconds really fast in their heads because they want it over with quicker.

Sadly, everyone wants to have a nice comfortable split, or back arch, or all combined. Personally, all combined would be ideal, better lines, some moves on the pole would be easier if I didn’t have to push my body passed its shapely limit. So, stretching is an everyday thing, and your body will have a set time of when it will open up, and at what limit before the flexibility will just happen. It can’t be rushed, to rush will damage, and set back any progress made.

Luckily at the beginning, lack of flexibility can be ignored, it is when the moves become more technical, and advanced that flexibility becomes, not a must but desirable. Like for the image above, my back has opened a lot since starting pole, but I would prefer if I could push it a little more to look like I’m actually sitting on the pole.

If interested, please check out the link below –


Pole Fitness 1 – Strength Building.

Move in the picture – Brass Monkey (No hands).

On Monday I managed a Brass Monkey (picture below) ¬†from a cross ankle lay-back. Quite awkward if your back flexibility isn’t quite ready for the reach around, and a little scary as you have to re-catch the pole at the back of the knee and hook. I have to say, it is easier from a shoulder mount.


I have been training in Pole Fitness for just over a year now, and I have progressed very, very quickly. This may be down to my strength. I used to competitively swim when I was younger, through primary school, high school, until the middle of college. So, my body built a base strength level.

So, I have managed to power through moves faster than average. I sadly have never had dancing experience so I lack grace, and my flexibility may as well be non-existent. Whereas I have seen girls who have danced all their lives, have the most amazing flexibility I have ever seen in my life, and yet not reach the moves that I have. Everyone is different.

Usually, whenever someone talks to me about pole, and they have never done it before the first thing I can always predict they will say is – “Oh I couldn’t do that, I’ve got absolutely no upper body strength” – So? There are beginner classes, pole as a fitness class will help build strength that is what it is there for. Fitness classes are there to help build strength, don’t feel put off because of lack of strength that is (not easily) gained over time. Some people take longer than others, and some people it comes naturally. But you should never feel like not doing it because you feel as though you don’t already have the strength to do it. The beginner classes, which Inversion Pole Fitness offers, help build the foundations towards that strength to enable you to do these moves.

Lesson One : – Strength is something that can be gained from these sessions. Not an excuse to not try it.

If interested this link below will take you through to instructor website.