Juice plus+ – Week three – Holiday naughtiness…  

Hope you all had good holidays. I’m not going to lie… Christmas got me… Christmas was mean on any healthy eating plan you could possibly think of. Any progress I had made on eating healthy before then died…

However, there is a silver lining… Only small though, I did eat three meals a day, everyday. They weren’t particularly healthy meals except for my grans soup in Scotland (oh the love for that soup is divine).

The only thing is now life is going back to normal, University is starting again soon, and the fitness classes are up and running again so the Christmas gut developing in the pictures above will disappear. This is war.

My plan was about the fact that I skip meals, and it still is about that. Don’t get me wrong I’m not big by anyone’s standards I’d just like to refine the body down to the neat size it was before Christmas, so temporarily it is about my size. Just as an extra I don’t like to go by weight because weight could be anything muscle, bone, skin, organs, and even the hair on your head. Weight doesn’t take all these necessary components of your body into account. Which is why if I go to a doctor they will tell me I am overweight for my height… I’m not a nutritionist but I will say that’s evil. So instead I’m going fir how I feel about myself, I’m a little unhappy about my size for now, so I’m going to change it. Once there maintaining will be pretty straight forward.

These capsules are a lifesaver. Everyone else around me fell ill over the holidays. Flu and stomach bugs. Even the Christmas of 2016 I not only caught a stomach bug over Christmas over the new year to 2017 I caught the flu which knocked me in bed for three whole days. This year… I’m as healthy as ever. I may have stopped eating healthy, and having my milkshakes but I kept up with these beautiful capsules. I think they saved me from whatever was going around this year.

I finished my first pouch of vanilla powder. I’m a little gutted on the inside, but I still have two more left plus I have started on the chocolate powder this time around. The chocolate flavour like in everything else chocolate is definitely heavier than the vanilla. I think I am finding that I enjoy the vanilla powder more than the chocolate one. It is nice don’t get me wrong! But the vanilla is creamier, and a lot more versatile with the different things you can throw into it I think.

Juice plus + shake recipe

For something nice and simple if you don’t have time to throw anything extra in and blend it together. Try –

Juice plus + chocolate powder – 1 scoop

Almond milk – 250ml

Chia seeds – 1 scoop.

Chia seeds are so good for you. 


Juiceplus+ – week two – Xmas break

Last week I started running with the dogs. It was to boost not only my own better but my poochies as well. Since I have siberian huskies they love running.

I felt great for it too, wake up nice and early (6am); pre-run yoga, run, post-run yoga, juiceplus+ capsules, then while my juiceplus+ shake is prepared I’d give the poochies a little concoction to help improve their health.

Maybe try it with your own dogs, a bit of coconut oil (has to be organic virgin coconut oil), a small sprinkle of turmeric (great for a natural anti-inflamatry), parsley, cayenne, and ginger (good for the heart, but also digestion).

I’m one of those weird people who, if they don’t wake up early the rest of their day is thrown off completely… And that’s it nothing will get done. I have a set plan in my head of how to structure my day and if anything gets in the way of that my whole day is ruined. It could be anything that sparks my brain into plan crippled frustration. And it happens every morning after my run but I won’t get into that. 

My energy levels were great, and my body felt health, strong, what I forgot to do was bump up my water intake. I am neatly drinking 2L a day on a normal day. However to bring in any exercise that water intake needs to increase as well as I learned headaches are a thing. And they aren’t just small headaches that you can just ignore (well you could ignore but they will get worse) they are brain pulsing like it wants to break out of your skull.

The only thing with me, and I’m sure most people will agree that increasing my intake of water can have an urgent side effect that won’t wait. Peeing constantly, and it’ll just get more intense, and more frequent. So I have to be careful, if I don’t want to live on the toilet for the rest of my life. 

Tried a delicious treat.

Rice cake, peanut butter and chocshot. 

It’s nice and is good as a healthy treat.

Week three is going to be my break week, as Christmas is at the end of it. I will still be taking my capsules, and shakes, just maybe not all the extra things. 

My Babies (Aka dogs). 

Have you ever had one of those days when you look at something, and realise ‘Holy shit I don’t know what I’m doing’. Well today has definitely been one of those days for me.

It hasn’t been a bad day, nor a horrific day. I was just in university. It was a module I don’t mind to attend as the subject of fiction applies to me. It is something I would like to work on in the future. The tutor was going through an assessment a previous student had written (this student passed so it’s fine). Have any of you in education experienced a moment when you look at something a teacher tells you not to do, and you know for a fact you do that very thing? Well, that epiphany hit me. Hard.

Academically, I am not poor but I’m not fantastic. I am average. Which is fine, I don’t fancy myself a scholarly genius by any stretch of the imagination. It was just a little disheartening that I enjoy writing, and yet I don’t appear to do well on my course. Or sorry, not as well as I think I probably should be doing.

So, I was feeling a little down. It isn’t because I’m not learning, or picking up the information. I’m just not good at displaying it in an exam, or assignment. Give me a piece to write creatively, and I think it might show that I have been listening. However, as education stands they require these moments of analytical practice with quotes, and exams that require immense amount of hours stressing over will I remember this. Trust me when I say we aren’t learning anything from this. As soon as whatever deadline or exam is over we all literally sit there and say ‘thank fuck we never have to do that again’. The brain filters out all the bits of extra information we needed for that one moment then deletes. I have to put this information into practice in order to make it valuable to me. Then my brain won’t just throw it away.

University doesn’t do that, and I was starting to feel a little bit like I’m not supposed to be on this course. What the fuck am I going to do…?

Then I got home.

I have already posted a picture of Bandit and Luna on a previous post. So I won’t go into too much detail about which is which. But I got home, and they were there waiting to greet me with their happy waggy tails. I went into the freezer and got them a healthy treat for them. Luna ate hers straight away no problem. Bandit sat on the couch not really doing anything with his. So I went and stroked him, he started licking his treat which slid off the couch. I caught it in my hand, and he ate it from my hand. 

To fully understand what this means to me a little back story is needed. Bandit was considered food aggressive. He is the softest when taking treats, is moody but loves cuddles, and is falling apart a little bit (that’s a totally different story). I tried everything every behaviourist recommends, from taking food away halfway through eating, to standing over the bowl, to physically holding the bowl… It didn’t work. Then one day I just decided ‘here food, eat it, don’t eat it, I’ll just leave you to it’. It worked, he doesn’t give me that weird look whenever I’m near him and food is around. He does growl when I want to stroke him and his food is around. And just today he ate from my hand very comfortably. It just made my day.

To add to this luna. 

Is starting to look really, really good. She has lost that initial bulkiness that she had from being overweight. Her body is starting to slim down to a healthier size. I just needed that little sign that I’m not always failing. 

The two of them made my day. I feel a lot better about everything. So I’m not doing great on my assessments, my creative work gets high marks and that’s what matters to me. Bandit and luna are doing really well, and my fitness part of my life is going great. Plus just as an added extra bonus, I have a beautiful man in my life who is more than supportive, which I know a lot of people don’t have. So, I’m not feeling as low as I did before, all because my babies have shown me I’m not a total screw up.

Juiceplus+ week one – detox

This is the first week completed. I feel quite good if I’m honest. I’m not as tired as I used to be, which is a nice improvement. Somethings have been a little different for me, I’ve been peeing ALOT. I have also been really hungry on top of that. 

Now this is strange for me because usually I never get hungry. When I was skipping meals I used to think I was fine because I wasn’t hungry. I know that is wrong, come on I was in denial, don’t say you’ve never had that moment of denial. Honesty is the best policy. 

Since this juiceplus+ it has activated my appetite at healthy times, so now I’m having two meals a day plus a shake, and healthy snacks. Which is great, on other days when I’m particularly busier than others I’ll have two shakes and a meal with snacks. This is progress.

I’ve also been more willing to try new and different things. My favourite meal of the week, curry coriander rice noodles with brocoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms with quorn. I’m not a vegan by any stretch but quorn is a healthy source of protein. And it doesn’t taste as awful as some people make out, actually it is quite nice without the risk of those grizzly bits you get in chicken that snap in your mouth. (Aaah ew! I hate those…).

I need to work on drinking more water, I have been drinking roughly just under 2L of water a day, and since I exercise I should be drinking more. So my aim this week is to keep up with what I’m doing but bump up the water levels. 

Obviously I am not going off weight or any form of measurement to make any educated assumptions on progress physically other than on how I feel, however I have noticed some clothes gaining space so I’ll take that as a sign. 

One thing I am going to do now is bump up my exercise. With me starting a new diet I knew energy levels were going to spike, and drop throughout the week. However, now my body should be finding its feet I am going to add more exercises to my routine.

In the morning (even though it is getting rather frosty, and slippy) I will take my two beautiful babies, Bandit, and Luna. Two siberian huskies.



Luna is over weight, Bandit might start getting there. To help this weight loss program for them, running of a morning is going to be a thing. A regular thing. 3K to start off with.

ONE of the new shakes that I tried this week –

250ml unsweetened almond milk

1 full scoop of vanilla juiceplus+ powder

1 tsp of cocoa powder

1 tsp of spirulina powder

Mix it together with a good shake!

And it goes a funky green colour. To know how green the first picture on this post is the shake I was talking about. Don’t let the colour put you off, it was really nice! And so good for you! 

Start of something new (for me) 

I haven’t posted in a long time, and it isn’t because I’m giving up with anything. I have just been very busy with my last year of university, and my extra curricular activities that every chance I get to chill, I do nothing.

I am however, going to try to keep on top of everything from now on. Especially since Christmas is coming… (Shit, I’m not even close to prepared)… Which means I’ll have time away from university, and other things.

What prompted this post?

I recently decided I would be seriously intrigued to try being healthier. I was thinking about this for a while, but I never really went for it because I was busy to a point I would skip meals through out the day. Then eat ONE massive meal at the end of the day. Maybe, sometimes I’d just buy a chocolate bar, and be so tired that I wouldn’t bother doing anything else.

What changed?

Well recently I discovered a friend of mine in my pole sessions, who also goes on dog group walks that I also attend, is a part of this journey called juiceplus+. She explained how it works, and what it actually involves. I tried a trial of it about a week ago, and came to the conclusion that this journey would be good for someone like myself. I eat nothing good for me, and skip meals. Things were starting to slip out of my energy range (this included). It was time to try something new, and seriously give it a go. No more “I’ll try it tomorrow”s I had to give this proper chance.

I understand what some of you might be thinking. Replacing meals with milkshakes is probably not the best idea. Yes, well… I was replacing meals with nothing originally. So, it couldn’t possibly be worse than what I was doing. Second, according to the research into juiceplus+ these aren’t designed just for weightloss, they are designed for a healthier lifestyle.

I have started on the vegetable, and fruit capsules which contain so many veg and fruit I couldn’t possibly eat them normally in a day anyway. Plus, this is a good way for me to make sure that I am getting the vitamins, and minerals that I need in my body.

I also got the milkshakes as they are very nice, plus I skip meals, this is a way for me to get something down me so my body isn’t starving.

This is just one way to do this juiceplus+. You don’t have to follow mine to the letter, but it might be a good idea for anyone who, like myself skips meals on a regular basis.

I started mine last night. I haven’t measured myself, or anything like that. Instead I’m going to take note of how I feel in my day to day life. How I feel within myself is far more important than my weight. Though I’ll say, I am feeling very good this morning, and I’ll make a weekly update on it. Plus I’ll add a new recipe I have tried, and found delicious every week.

So, first –

1 scoop vanilla powder juiceplus+

1 banana

250ml of almond unsweetened milk.
Is absolutely fabulous.

Xperia 2.5


Her body plummeted to the floor, her eyes shut for impact. When the pain, and snap of bone didn’t come she felt a cold shiver wrap around her body. Then the floor under her back. Arellia opened her eyes, looked about her, and noticed that she was no longer within Alasdair’s vicinity.

How had that girl known who she was? Or better question why did they hate her for it? Then another came to mind… Why were they here?

They didn’t send children out here, they sent adults, criminals. To fight an ongoing raging war. Well… There was no war, there was only that thing.

So many riddles in her head, they rattled around. They made her emotionally conflicted, but also distrustful… With brows furrowed, she look to the sun which now bowed into its decent. Arellia followed the sun into the forest.


To be continued… 

Xperia 2.4


“We’re not all children…” Alasdair sounded pout, it put a small smile on Arellia’s face. “Some of us are older than we look”. He rushed toward a small boy that had waved to him. It left her to think about her next move. When a small girl squealed from behind her. Her tiny dirty finger was pointed stoic still at Arellia. Every eye pinned towards her. Some confused, others surprised, but not as curious.

“It’s fine Kimi! She’s not an intruder…” Alasdair came running. The girl screamed again. Her glare unflinching as she stared Arellia down. The girl was thin, where baby fat should coat a layer under her skin was bone, and scars. Her eyes were a deep brown, and they were imprisoning Arellia. Alasdair turned her body to him, but her eyes remained in the conflict. “I brought her here, would you look at me?”. A whimper bubbled from her throat. “Look at me, please”. She snapped, screamed in his face, and pointed at the backwall beside the tree ladder entrance.

That was when Arellia noticed the depiction carved into it. Her heart sank, her blood froze in her veins. The whole world fell away at that moment. It was the royal emblem. Her emblem. Scratched out. Viciously. Then the world returned with the heavy weight of malice burning in her direction. Alasdair looked to the wall, then stood up. His back was to her, but even still she could hear the ticking in his brain, the click at what Kimi meant, and the roll of shoulders back in decision.

“Are you…?” Before he could finish his question. Arellia ran, she didn’t bother turning to climb down the ladder. She jumped. “Wait!” She heard Alasdair call. It was too late. Her body was plummeting down.


To be continued…