I tend to find that this year for script I have struggled to find a particular play that I have enjoyed reading. Like for most of the plays I have read so far, the dialogue is vague, you have to work, and not just a little bit but a lot to catch the true meaning behind what’s going on, and sometimes I could have gone through a whole act without knowing, or understanding what was going on, until the last page to that act… It is very frustrating!

However, this last week I have found a liking in Laura Wade’s work, Posh, about a group of toffs who are not only dangerous at a social gathering, but even more so when you realise that they are the ones that are meant to succeed into positions of power over countries… and that is still a damning issue in the UK today.

So this section of the blog will be looking into the script side of writing, I may even post about some of my own script work, and writing about the plays I have read. However, because I have struggled so much with script, I think I will leave my scripting efforts to a game called ‘Episode’ for now.



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